Daily Inspiration Dish

To make your mid-week better, we prepared for you a hot dish of funny mind-teasers vector illustrations that will amuse and inspire you! (Source: Shutterstock

Friends are important. Breakfast too.

It’s not the Monday you hate, it’s your job.

Ok, this one’s cheesy, but your SO will definitely appreciate it.

We have absolutely no explanation for this one.

Everyone deserves a hug 🙂

Beauty comes in all shapes.



Some space and weeeekend

If you’re still thirsty for vectors, check our gigantic collection here (suggestions for you: Funny Doodles, Funny Monsters, Vector Abstract Background With Funny Fruits)


You have a plethora of categories to chose from, and you can start making your funny vector illustrations right now!


Let us know if you like it, and we’ll make it a regular 😉

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