60 Best Design Blogs to Follow in 2018

“Thinking about design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous.” – Ralph Caplan

We understand the importance of having several inspiration sources so we gathered a list of the best design blogs, according to the web traffic data – 60 to be more exact. You can use it for inspiration, learning, and staying up with the latest trends. We also added the contact details, in case you also want to submit a design or an article, collaborate or advertise.

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What’s your favourite? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments! 😉

110 Websites with FREE Design Resources

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” (Milton Glaser)

We understand perfectly how hard is to create the WOW effect for your clients. You require a lot of resources, even if we talk about time, research or money. Either way, our main objective right now is to help you, our fellow designers with some shortcuts where you can find the missing puzzle piece for your projects. This is why we did the research for you – from stock photos, videos, layers, fonts, everything you may require you can find here. And of course, in order to help you save money, the websites we gathered offer what you need for FREE.

To download the list (PDF format), you just have to enter your email address below, and you’re ready to start exploring!

If we missed anything, please let us know 😉

    Designvitamins may use your contact information above to send you emails with downloadable design resources and to provide you updates. We will never share your data. If you no longer wish to receive such updates, you can unsubscribe at any time. To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy.


Daily Inspiration Dish

To make your mid-week better, we prepared for you a hot dish of funny mind-teasers vector illustrations that will amuse and inspire you! (Source: Shutterstock

Friends are important. Breakfast too.

It’s not the Monday you hate, it’s your job.

Ok, this one’s cheesy, but your SO will definitely appreciate it.

We have absolutely no explanation for this one.

Everyone deserves a hug 🙂

Beauty comes in all shapes.



Some space and weeeekend

If you’re still thirsty for vectors, check our gigantic collection here (suggestions for you: Funny Doodles, Funny Monsters, Vector Abstract Background With Funny Fruits)


You have a plethora of categories to chose from, and you can start making your funny vector illustrations right now!


Let us know if you like it, and we’ll make it a regular 😉

6 Very Helpful Photoshop Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know

Today we put together 6 basic but essential things you need to know how to do in Ps as soon as you start using it. It’s clear, it’s simple, and it will save you research hours.

  1. How Do I Load Ps Actions in Ps?

So you bought yourself an awesome pack of Photoshop actions that you are now eager to use. But how do you actually upload them in Photoshop? Here are the steps, simplified for you:

Open Photoshop -> Click Actions Palette menu button -> Select Load Actions -> Select the actions you want to add from your computer (crazy simple, right?)


  1. How Do I Add Extra Light in Ps in a Simple and Quick Way?

For this, we have a simple 6 steps process, no fuss needed:

Select a gradient -> Choose the color you want your light to be -> Select diamond -> Move the colored diamond to where you want it to be -> Reduce its opacity


  1. How do I Watermark Photos in Ps?

We all know what a watermark does, right? It prevents others from taking your photos and using them as their own or using them for commercial purposes – it’s important to know how to do that especially taking into consideration how easy it is to steal photos nowadays.

-> Create a watermark design (transparent background + everything on the same layer)

-> Select Menu -> Select All

-> Turn your design into a brush: Edit -> Design Brush Preset

-> Click OK on the Brush Name pop-up box after you type the name of your newly created brush

-> Now it’s time to open in Photoshop the photo you want to add the brush to: File -> Open

-> Select the color for your watermark (usually white)

-> Click Create a new layer icon

-> Select the brush tool

-> Select your new watermark from the drop-down menu that appears

-> Resize your watermark to fit your needs

-> Click once to apply your watermark

-> Adjust opacity

-> Take a long, well-deserved break


  1. How Do I Combine Layers in Photoshop?

-> Turn visibility on for the layers you want to merge

-> Press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E (Windows) or Shift+Command+Option+E (Mac OS)

-> PS will create a new layer with the merged content


  1. How Do I Make Eyes Brighter in Ps?

-> Open the image you want to edit & zoom in on the eyes if the image is larger

-> Select Dodge Tool

-> Set the range to Highlights

-> Set Exposure depending on how bright you want the eyes to be

-> Change the brush size and work with it until your desired result

-> After achieving the result -> Set Range to Shadows and work around the edges


  1. How Do I Calibrate My Monitor for Photo Editing?

Calibrating your monitor helps you work more efficiently in the sense that the monitor you are editing on will not display any red, green or blue color casts (traces of color) while providing a neutral gray screen as much as possible. The calibration process can be done in Ps and this is the trick we are going to show you today, but for an optimal calibration and professional editing, you may want to consider investing in a special software.

-> With the installation of Adobe Photoshop you get a calibration tool – Adobe Gamma

-> Start button -> Control Panel -> Adobe Gamma

-> Move the pop-up box to a corner so as to see the screen

-> Follow the instructions in the pop-up box to adjust settings ( as they might slightly differ from version to version)


Bonus: you can use this free calibration tool QuickGamma if you don’t have Photoshop installed on your computer yet.


If you enjoyed this, stay tuned cause we are preparing some tips for Illustrator artists.


Meanwhile, go check our delicious freebies.

Team DesignVitamins

9 Fun Online Photo Editors And Image Tools That You Can Start Using Right Now (Not a Top Though)

We checked the first results so you don’t have to. Our little research below is for you if you have the basics of photography, but don’t feel like you want to invest in an expensive tool yet while but you want to get your hand used to photo editing. We’ll give you some pros and cons and some fun facts while trying to make it easier for you to decide.

  1. BeFunky Photo Editor

Free Basic Plan for Online Edit

Paid Plans: $2.91 USD/month, billed yearly; $4.95 USD/month, billed monthly

BeFunky provides you with hundreds of photo effects that are unique. The most famous of them is the Cartoonizer®, but you also have access to oil painting and pop art effects if you’re going for a dramatic look. If you just wanna have fun, the features also include hundreds of one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn graphics like hats, beards, jewelry, photo frames, and graphic overlays. Last but not least, you can have mix it up with tons of fonts and customized text layouts from the app OR use some from your computer!

As the creators put it: Think Photoshop, but simplified for everyday users.

  1. Fotor

Free Basic Plan for Online Edit

Paid Plans: Fotor Pro (lets you upload & download your work + massive storage) $3.33 monthly for an annual subscription OR  $8.99 monthly subscription

Fotor promises to have everything covered for you in what concerns photo editing. With a Photo Editing suite, they also claim to be the online Photoshop, much like BeFunky Photo was assuring their audience. Fotor also provides you with an HDR effects tool if you want a more advanced edit of your work. The good news is that this one has an embedded a Portrait Retouching function that can work beautifully if you want your post-processing to include highlights, radiance or even a makeover. Preset templates also make an appearance!


  1. FreeOnlinePhotoEditor

Taking a break from our usual schedule to present you a free photo editor. This one is for a quick photo enhancement, in your browser, for free. You can do this with a quick photo upload of the photo you want to edit from your device. Alternatively, you can enter directly the URL of the photo you wan edited. There are several basic effects you can take advantage of like Red Eye Removal, Sepia, Enhance, Sharpen and Polaroid Effect. Please note that you can only upload pics with sizes up to 6MB, so that might be a small inconvenient if you took the picture on a more advanced camera, but hey – the editor with automatically resize your pic if needed. Click Download and seal the deal!


  1. piZap

7 days FreeTrial

Price: $35.88 if you get it for a whole year (you save 50%) OR $5.99 monthly subscription

Mobile App: Yes, AppStore + GooglePlay

They say – Easily create anything you can imagine. While you may not be able to create absolutely everything you can with this photo editor, it still has 3 main edit categories that help you tons: Add text, borders & stickers, Basic & advanced tools, and Fab filters & effects. And you know what? We are really more excited about the meme and emoji maker, don’t judge. Their website also has a blog section with easy tutorials, which sounds pretty fun at a first look. Oh yeah, and they have this online photo editor version with a smaller number of features that you can test without signing up for the 7 days trial!


  1. Free Online-Image-Editor


This one is a pretty basic one in what concerns its features but nonetheless, a very fun one as it gives you the ability to edit and create animations and GIFs. Let’s make a round-up of its features: resizing & cropping, adding text to (animated gif) images, make a GIF with our online GIF Maker, Add Borders/Merge & Overlay your picture, add Frame or Mask, add overlays with predefined animations, convert/sharpen/resize your animated GIF, creates animations, add glitters and last but not least, make an  image shape with the Cut Out Tool. There’s pretty not much to be said here, we’re recommending this one for good old fun!


  1. Polarr

Free Professional Editor

Mobile App: Yes, AppStore + GooglePlay

You’re in for a treat with this one. Once you access the site, the graphics let you in on what you are going to experience with this editor. The first message you see says For larger screens or professionals so we already know we’re going to use this one for more professional projects. You get a tour of the filters and you can even access a Wiki section of the site with tutorials, product features, news and much more interesting info. The Youtube channel comes to your help with around 60 videos if you are undecided about how to efficiently exploit all Polarr’s features. This month the Polarr Photo Editor 5 just launched and taking a sneak around, we also found out that it got into macOS App Store top “Best of 2016”. We say it’s worth installing if you’re going for a polished look for your photos.


  1. Canva


If you’re not sure about what it does, you can quickly go through their demo page, but the launching page lets you directly upload the photo you want to edit, so the hassle is minimal. A people say, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, and this photo editor seems to be doing just that under the motto: Quicky filter, resize or edit your photos. No apps or plugins required.


  1. PicMonkey

7 days FreeTrial

$: BASIC – $5.99/month ($71.88 billed manually) OR $7.99/month billed monthly; PRO – $9.99/month with unlimited Hub storage as a plus

Mobile App: Yes, AppStore + GooglePlay

PicMonkey is listed as one of the main online image tools if you want to create a nice social media graphic.  Under the motto ‘Photo editor. Design maker. Idea realizer.’, you’re in for a photo editing, collage making, graphic design ride accompanied by tutorials and articles. What we liked best was that the guys from PicMonkey focused on the mobile side, so the app lets you do everything you’d do on your PC. No wonder it’s listed at the top of social media tools list!


  1. Pixlr


Mobile App: Yes, AppStore + GooglePlay

Since we’re talking about social media, we cannot include the mighty Pixlr. This is a cost-effective solution if you’re a freelance artist or a small business in need of a good tool for your visual communication. Users say this editor doesn’t take a lot of space on your phone if you chose to use the app it allows you some quick fixes and swift touch-ups on images for when you want to post something but you feel the need for an improvement. Basically, it’s a good-for-all kind of app, so what are you waiting for?


That’s all for now, folks! This was this week’s round-up, but we have so many more coming. Let us know what are your faves and if you’d like to see the list we are putting together for photo editing apps for mobile devices!

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8 FREE Vector Illustrations that You Can Download Right Now

Hello, world! Since you enjoyed our little vector crash course, today we’re bringing you 8 absolutely FREE vector illustrations that will enrich your graphic design library!


What’s this? Vector illustrations are products made in Adobe Illustrator. While the vectors we were talking about in our initial article are simple shapes created with this software, the vector illustrations are groups of vectors that make up a finite image we can use in different contexts to communicate visually. For example, a palm tree illustration is made up of multiple elements – multiple vectors.


Why do I need it? As we were hinting earlier, vector illustrations help you create designs that are mostly used in promotional material. Vector art allows you to access and modify the design at all times while maintaining the product’s quality.


Download now our FREE VECTOR ILLUSTRATIONS and get creative with them:

Colorful Butterflies Vector Illustration

Summer Vector Illustration With Palm Tree

Summer Vector Illustration With Palm Tree

Free Vector Hearts

Vector Illustration Colorful Shopping Tags Set

Summer Vector Illustration With Slippers And Umbrella

Vintage Vector Illustration With Vintage Pattern And Badge

Back To School Vector Illustration


Let us know if you enjoyed this and we’ll draw up some more interesting freebies for you! And of course, don’t forget to email us your designs – you’ll get a chance to be featured on our website!

Team DesignVitamins

Wanna Know Something About Vectors?

Our creative team put together for you a starter kit with some basic info you need in your luggage when you start working with vectors. We also packed for you a mix of free vector resources for an awesome kick start!

Vector Crash Course

Vector images are constructed utilizing mathematical formulas that are converted into points. These points are connected by lines and curves know as vector paths in graphic design language. And there you go – the points and lines make up the unlimited number of shapes hat vectors come in. The awesome thing working with vectors is that you can resize your designs without losing quality!

How Do I Use Vectors?

There are thousands, maybe millions of vectors you can find online and so many of them for free. If you ever wondered how to use them, let us give you some quick ideas to get you starting with vectors.

One of the main uses is the rasterized printing. In simpler terms, what you basically do is print pixels on surfaces of your choice: paper, clothes etc. In that aspect, what you have to be careful about is choosing the printer, especially if you decide on working with textiles.

Another type of vector printing is shape printing. Basically, you are cutting and taking out the vector image of your choice on a matrix that you then use to transfer the wanted color on to obtain the base product.

Last but definitely not least, vectors are very popular with logos, fonts generally with anything related to iconography. They are great to use in the production stages considering they work well on so many display types and that they preserve their quality so well.

Quick Tips
  • Start a varied vector library
  • .eps or .svg are the best formats for vectors
  • Get information about handy tools for vector manipulation
  • Before working with vectors, get as much inspiration as possible from other artists.


To get you a head start on your vector library, we want to offer you some freebies. Download them here and enjoy!

Free Vector Set of Corporate Identity Templates

Free Vector Mascots
Vienna Vector Set
Free Vector Menu Headpieces
Free Vector Blank White Advertising Coupon
Free Vector Tags

Free vector Stickers Graphic Style
Free Vectors & Textures

Free Vector Hearts
Free Vector Floral Swirls